Millers Oils Trident Longlife Fuel Economy 5W30 Engine Oil, 5L

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  • Millers Oils Trident Longlife Fuel Economy 5w-30 is a high performance fully synthetic engine oil suitable for the latest engine technology. It has been designed to meet OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications, which has been achieved by offering increased cleanliness, engine/oil durability, reduced friction/wear and improved fuel economy. Trident Longlife Fuel Economy 5w-30 is recommended for engines requiring an SAE 5w-30 viscosity predominantly Ford and Jaguar Land Rover vehicle

Performance Profile ACEA A5/B5 API SL/CF Ford M2C913-B Ford M2C913-C Ford M2C913-D Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5003 Renault RN0700 Also suitable for: Chrysler MS 6395 Ford M2C912-A1 Ford M2C913-A Ford M2C929-A Ford M2C929-A Ford M2C930-A ILSAC GF-4 This synthetic technology produces excellent low temperature flow when cold starting down to -30°C, this yields rapid protection of vital components, as most engine wear occurs during start up. It offers exceptional viscosity stability at high temperatures and severe operating conditions for maintainable protection and prolonged engine life. Increased protection via a stronger oil film between metallic components, with an achievable level of performance throughout the OEM oil change interval. Low viscosity offers improved fuel economy in comparison to thicker viscosity oils. Trident 5w-30 uses optimum levels of detergents and dispersants. These provide high levels of engine clealiness and sludge control, which offers improved combustion. ACEA Full SAPS specification.