Millers Oils PBL Grease Fifth Wheel - Pin & Bush Grease, Cartridge, 400g

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  • Millers Oils PBL is a lithium thickened tenacious grease designed for heavy duty applications where adhesion, shock loading and good corrosion protection is required. This grease has a high level of lubricating solid graphite which keeps the working surfaces apart and substantially extends the life of components.Use as received applied by hand or grease guns. Ideal for use on 5th wheel applications or articulated vehicles, bucket pins and bushes on heavy earth moving equipment and crane slews. The presence of solid lubricant will fill rough or damaged metal surfaces and distribute load evenly, preventing further wear.Ideal Applications:
    • Fifth wheels
    • Bucket pins and bushes on heavy earth moving equipment
    • Crane slews
    • Assembly and running-in compound
    • Electrical contacts and ‘push-fit’ cable connectors

    Please note: PBL is not recommended for use on anti-friction, rolling element bearings.Benefits:
    • High load carrying capability
    • Tenacious consistency
    • Resistant to water
    • Rust and oxidation inhibitors promote longer component and product life

    Technical Details:
    • Appearance: Grey / Black, Smooth Adhesive Grease
    • NGLI Classification: 2.5
    • Thickener: Lithium Soap
    • Base Oil: Mineral Oil
    • Operating Temperature Range °C: -20 to 140