Millers Oils Mutlifleet ATF Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid, 5 Litres

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  • Provides a universal lubricant for the majority of automatic transmissions
  • Good low temperature properties
  • Ideal for hydraulic systems, especially those exposed to wide temperature variations
  • Suitable for:
  • Allison C4 (TES 228), Allison C3, Bosch TE-ML 09, Cat TO-2, Ford WSS M2C166H, M2C138CJ, Ford Mercon, GM Dexron IID, GM Dexron II, GM Type A Suffix A (TASA), Hagglunds Denison HF-0 Hydraulic Systems, MAN M339 Type Z1, MAN M339 Type V1, MAN M339 Type L2, MAN M339 Type L1, MB 236.9, MB 236.7, MB 236.6, MB 236.5, MB 236.3, 236.2, 236.1, Renk-Doromat Transmission Systems, Sperry-Vickers Systems, Sundstrand Systems, Voith H55.6635.XX, ZF TE-ML 02F, 03D, 04D, 05L, 09B, 11A, 11B, 14A, 17C.
  • Also suitable for Power Steering systems