Castrol Radicool SF, 5 Year Concentrate Coolant Anti Freeze, 1 Litre

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Castrol Radicool SF

5 Year


Coolant Anti Freeze

Castrol SF is a silicate-free long-life coolant concentrate (OAT technology). Castrol Radicool SF offers excellent protection against corrosion.It can be used in petrol and diesel engines (also aluminum and cast iron).Castrol Radicool SF works best when mixed with water at a ratio of 1:1.This results in frost resistance down to -37°C and the best protection against corrosion. Do not use Castrol Radicool SF undiluted!Frost resistance/ Percentage of Radicool SF dissolved in water:-20°C/ 35%-25°C/ 40%-30°C/ 45%-37°C/ 50%The special OAT technology ensures long coolant change intervals. Radicool SF protects against corrosion,Deposits in the cooling system and overheating.

Castrol Radicool SF offers:

Protection against hard water

Effective cooling effect

Outstanding protection against corrosion

Very good elastomer compatibility

Protection against cavitation

Contains Bitrex - to protect against choking


ASTM D3306(I),ASTM D4985MB release 325.3BS6580:2010JIS K2234MAN 324 type SNFVW-TL-774FFORD-WS-M97B44-D