REPSOL SMARTER SPORT 4T 10W-40 10W40 Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil, 4 Litres

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  • REPSOL SMARTER SPORT 4T 10W-40 is a semi synthetic motorcycle engine oil that has been specifically designed for 4-stroke engines. This oil offers offers exceptional thermal stability enabling effortless engine ignition, no matter the ambient temperature. Whether your bike is parked outdoors overnight or ridden in areas with unpredictable weather patterns, this oil is the perfect choice for consistent and reliable starts.
  • SMARTER SPORT 4T 10W-40 guarantees optimal lubrication for all engine parts, minimizing wear and maximizing performance. With this exceptional lubricant oil, your engine will operate smoothly, delivering a longer lifespan for its components.
  • Benefits:
    • Optimal viscosimetric characteristics and low volatility promote maximum fuel efficiency.
    • Detergent-dispersant properties maintain complete cleanliness of engine components.
    • Good friction on clutch discs prevents slippage and premature wear in wet clutch lubrication systems.
    • API SL
    • JASO T 903:2016 MA2