Penrite Shelsley Medium 25W-70 Engine Oil 5 Litres

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Penrite SHELSLEY MEDIUM is a premium mineral, 25W-70, high zinc, very low detergent engine oil.

SHELSLEY MEDIUM is a premium mineral, 25W-70, high zinc, very low detergent engine oil designed specifically for petrol, kerosene and diesel fuelled vintage, pre-war and post war vehicles manufactured to 1950. It features a double layer of engine wear protection with high zinc and increased operating temperature viscosity over monograde oils.

Can be used where the following SAE viscosity is recommended: SAE 40 25W-50 25W-60 Fuel Types Petrol Diesel Kerosene SHELSLEY MEDIUM is suitable for passenger cars, motorcycles, 4WD's, light & heavy duty commercial vehicles (trucks, buses & heavy equipment), tractors and industrial machines that originally specified a SAE 40 monograde grade engine oil fitted with/ without an engine oil filter. Those vehicles that require a higher detergency should use Penrite Classic Medium Engine Oil. SHELSLEY MEDIUM is a 25W-70 engine oil for vehicles that specified SAE 40 grade engine oils. It is suitable for larger engined vintage and pre-war vehicles which have either troughs or dipper type lubricating systems, or early types of pressure feed systems. It is also suitable for those employing total loss oiling systems and for larger capacity sleeve valve engined cars such as Minerva, Mors, Knight and Daimler. Can be used for vehicles operating where moderate ambient temperatures will be experienced. SHELSLEY MEDIUM is ideal for use in early vintage (pre 1950) motorcycles, incorporating sight glasses, pilgrim oil pumps and total loss lubrication systems. It is suitable for use in motor cycles fitted with a wet clutch. SHELSLEY MEDIUM contains a special additive pack that suits vintage vehicles of the era and is compatible with grades that were originally specified. This oil exceeds the specification requirements of the original oils required during this period hence offering a greater level of engine protection compared to original oils. SHELSLEY MEDIUM features a standard multigrade cold temperature SAE viscosity grade with an increased operating temperature range that provides and added layer of protection for the engine especially under increased load and temperature conditions. Multigrade oils provide better start up protection and better protection at operating temperature than monograde.