Penrite Premium Mineral 30W70 SJ Stops Oil Burning Engine Oil for Petrol Engines, 5 Litres

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Penrite 'Stops Oil Burning' 30W-70 is a high quality premium mineral 30W-70 engine oil designed to control oil consumption in worn or older engines.

Meets API SJ, and exceeds SG and SH specifications. 'Stops Oil Burning' is designed for use in 4, 6 & 8+ cylinder, naturally aspirated, supercharged or turbocharged engines. It is not recommended for multi-cam, multi-valve or engines with variable valve timing. 'Stops Oil Burning' is designed for older petrol engines where there is excessive oil consumption due to conditions such as worn piston and oil rings, cylinder bore deformation, worn or broken valve stem seals, worn main seals and other gasket and oil sealing issues.
The heavier viscosity cold starting temperature and ultra high operating viscosity of this oil makes the product resilient to conditions where normal oils would be burnt or leaked by some engines, therefore prolonging the service life of some motors.
Catalytic converter compatible, but not recommended for use in Diesel engines.