Motul Engine Clean Cleanser Oil Change Flush Additive Engine Cleaner, 300 ml

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  • MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN for petrol and diesel engines.

MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN can in all petrol and diesel engines used be. Deposits and operations-related pollution in the complete oil circuit is reliably solved. Aggressive combustion residues are neutralized. The dissolved impurities are with the waste oil from the engine started up. Highly effective lubrication components protect the engine during cleaning. Before changing the oil, 1 can of engine clean the used operating temperature Add engine oil. The engine run 15 minutes. Oil and Change filter. The contents of a can is sufficient for an oil quantity up to 5 litres. At Motors with a higher quantity of oil filling are 60 ml engine per litres of oil clean to be metered. The product can be supplied with a proper disposal waste oil. Also problem areas such as the hydraulic valve lifters, annular gap and piston rings be cleaned from residues and deposits. The result of the cleaning of the engine inside is a significantly improved and on all cylinders uniform compression. The cleaned motor can develop its full power again with the fresh engine oil. This reduces the fuel and oil consumption, as well as wear and tear. Lower emission values, protect the environment and increase the life of the catalyst. Colour: Red