Millers Oils Millersil No.2 Silicone High Temperature, Non Melting Grease, 500g

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  • Non-melting silicone grease with very wide operating temperature range and high resistance to chemical attack

Water repellent, non-melting silicone grease. Clear/Grey in appearance. Use as received and apply by hand or pressure gun. For use as a lubricant in the assembly of plastic and polythene water pipes and other fluid pipework. To aid "O" ring assembly and as a water proof or airtight seal on the joint faces. Suitable for the lubrication of "0" rings and seals in pneumatic and compressed air systems. Anti-tracking, anti-corona discharge coating for the insulation and / or waterproofing when assembling electric or electronic components. Benefits: Suitable for use under extreme conditions of temperature and chemical environments. Centrifuge and autoclave lid seals, cold room trolley casters, anti-spatter agents, glass and ceramic stopcock and gland lubricant and release agents. And has a wide operating temperature range of - 50°C to +280°C Remains essentially unaltered in daylight and UV light at the prescribed temperature range. Has no effect on plastics, rubbers or metals. Resistant to hot and cold water. Gives protection to porous metallic or ceramic coated metals exposed to sea water spray and rain. The product is tasteless, odourless and non-toxic and is classed as environmentally and user friendly