Millers Oils Millermatic ATF SPIII-WS Power Steering & Auto Transmission Fluid 5 Litre

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  • Premium fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid.
  • Formulated to meet the high performance levels required by Japanese and Korean manufacturers.
  • Very high resistance to oxidation and degradation in use and so suitable for use where very long service intervals are required.

  • Ensures a smooth transmission of power.

PERFORMANCE PROFILE: MITSUBISHI: SP-II, SP-III. TOYOTA: T-II, T-III, T-IV, WS. NISSAN: Matic -D, Matic -C, D, J. HONDA: ATF Z1 (Except CVT). HYUNDAI and KIA: Rebrands of Mitsubishi. Aisin Warner: JWS 3309. Subaru: Special ATF. JASO: M315 1A. GM: Dexron III, 9986195. Ford: Mercon, M2C 924-A. : Premium automatic transmission fluid technology blended into selected fully synthetic base oils. APPLICATION: For use in automatic transmission and power steering systems as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Formulated to meet the latest Japanese and Korean vehicle manufacturer requirements including Mitsubishi SP - II and SP - III Toyota T-III, T- IV and Toyota WS Aisin Warner JWS 3309 Honda ATF Z1 Nissan Matic - D and Matic - J Hyundai and Kia rebrands of Mitsubishi fluid Subaru Special ATF.