Millers Oils Extra Cool Corrosion Inhibitor & Coolant Enhancer 250ml

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  • Concentrate multi-metal corrosion inhibitor and coolant enhancer. 

Concentrate multi-metal corrosion inhibitor and coolant enhancer. APPLICATION: Dilute with water in the ratio 1 part Extra Cool to 50 parts water (2% solution) for corrosion inhibition of vehicle cooling systems and deposit reduction. Does not provide antifreeze protection. Note: Antifreeze is often based on ethylene or propylene glycol, which are insoluble in oil. Internal coolant leaks may cause damage to highly stressed bearings.

Helps to maintain coolant flow in radiators.

Helps reduce coolant temperature by up to 15°C; .

Provides powerful corrosion protection for all metals found in engines e.g. aluminium, cast iron, etc.

Reduces engine damage from internal coolant leaks. Mixes with all good quality antifreezes.