Mannol OEM 236.17 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, NAG3 MB 9G ATF, 1 Litre

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Low-viscosity synthetic transmission ester-containing oil (ATF) specially developed for 9-speed automatic transmissions (AT) of the latest generation 9G-TRONIC W9A 700 series, also designated NAG3 models 725.XXX XXXXXX, MB cars. Ensures smooth operation of the automatic transmission, guarantees minimal wear, long service life of transmissions and fuel economy. Developed based on the requirements of Daimler AG.
Product properties:
- A low-viscosity blend of special synthetic base oils of the highest quality with a consistently high viscosity index and synthetic esters in combination with a multifunctional additive package retains all its properties over a wide range of temperatures and loads: it provides good lubricating properties at extremely low temperatures in winter due to its low pour point and provides a stable oil film at extreme loads and temperatures in summer;
- A special innovative high-tech additive package combined with esters provides extraordinary anti-friction and anti-wear properties for friction pairs and unsurpassed friction properties for friction elements, which ensures significant fuel savings, smooth gear shifting without jerks and increases the service life of all transmission elements. Ensures a coordinated and smooth operation of the clutch;
- Has a high resistance to shear;
- Has increased thermal, thermo-oxidative and chemical stability and resistance to high-temperature thermal degradation, as well as to aging in General throughout the entire service life. This allows you to reduce the formation of sludge, varnish, carbon deposits and other carbon deposits, increase the oil change interval and ensure the durability of transmission parts, which reduces the cost of maintenance of equipment;
- Fully protects metal parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys from corrosion both during operation and in non-working condition;
- Has unsurpassed anti-foam, anti-aeration and cooling properties;
- Ensures compatibility with all seal materials, prevents them from swelling, hardening and shrinkage, which reduces the cost of spare parts and prevents leaks;
- Provides excellent compatibility with electronic elements;
- Contributes to the "demand-driven" oil supply by two oil pumps, which provides additional fuel efficiency;
- Reduces noise. Provides maximum driving comfort by increasing driving dynamics when shifting gears quickly.

Recommended for automatic transmissions of the latest generation 9G-Tronic (NAG3) MB and SSANGYONG vehicles for which the automaker prescribes the use of ATF MB 236.17 fluids. Oil can also be used in automatic transmissions for which the automaker prescribes the use of ATF MB 236.16 fluids. Oil is strictly prohibited for automatic transmissions requiring oils of old specifications such as MB 236.10, 236.12, 236.14 and 236.15. Follow the manufacturer's prescriptions in the operating instructions!