MANNOL Longlife 504 / 507 5W30 C3 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, VW Audi, 1 Litre

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Innovative universal premium bi-synthetic engine oil (PAO-based) for modern petrol and diesel engines of VW group cars (including direct injection) with and without turbocharging, including those equipped with pump-injectors (PumpeDüse). Product properties: - Due to the ester components contained, it has excellent anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-friction properties, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of the pump-nozzle system and the entire gas distribution mechanism, reducing cam wear; - Due to its excellent detergent-dispersing properties and high thermaloxidative stability, it effectively combats all types of deposits and keeps engine parts clean throughout the entire interval between replacements; - Saves fuel due to optimal anti-friction properties; - Ester components together with the bi-synthetic base provide a low solidification temperature (-45 °C and below) and guarantee easy lowtemperature engine start-up due to exceptional turn ability and pump ability, which significantly reduces engine starting wear; - It has optimal viscosity over a wide temperature range, which ensures stable operation in all operating modes, including in urban mode and under overload conditions; - Due to its high thermal-oxidative stability, it effectively resists aging; - Compatible with all exhaust gas neutralization systems, DPF, TWC, EGR and SCR through the use of Mid SAPS technology; - Used in engines with extended oil change intervals (Long Life up to 30,000 km) and conventional; - Suitable for engines running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and petroleum gas (LPG). Designed for gasoline and diesel engines of EURO IV and EURO V wide fleet of vehicles (cars, light SUVs, vans and light trucks) of VW imposes additional requirements on motor oils in accordance with the specifications 504.00/507.00 and previous. The oil is not suitable for use in heavy trucks and similar vehicles!

Specifications SAE 5W-30 API SN ACEA C3 MB 229.51 VOLKSWAGEN TL 52 195 BMW Longlife-04 PORSCHE C30 Approval VOLKSWAGEN 504 00 Approval VOLKSWAGEN 507 00 Approval