Castrol R40 Racing Engine Oil SAE40

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  • Castrol POWER1 R 40 is a castor-based lubricant containing specially prepared additives to prevent rapid deterioration through oxidation. Its superior oiliness over mineral oils, imparted by the chemical structure of its components, gives it a great affinity for hot surfaces and provides excellent load-carrying properties which is an important consideration withhighly stressed engines running at peak revolutions.ADVANTAGESSuitable for both four and two stroke racing enginesSpecially formulated for racing car and bike enginesProvides outstanding lubricity and load carrying capacity

Recommended for highly stressed engines running at peak revolutions. Also recommended for classic motorcycles. Where special cam shafts are fitted though, there may be a case for using Castrol POWER1 R 40 as the small areas in contact will be heavily loaded especially where double valve springs are fitted.