Castrol Magnatec Diesel 0W20 Synthetic Engine Oil, Ford Diesel WSS-M2C952-A1, 1 Litre

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    • The active molecules of Ford-Castrol Magnatec Professional protect the engine from start-up. They adhere to the
      engine like magnets, forming a super-resistant protective layer, considerably reducing
      engine wear*.
      Its innovative formula is co-developed with Ford to meet the requirements of its latest diesel engines,
      requiring oil with SAE 0W-20 viscosity and meeting the Ford WSS-M2C952-A1 standard.
      Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC Professional Diesel 0W-20: Instant protection from the start
      Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC Professional is now certified Carbon Neutral, according to the highest standards in
      this area. To meet the new quality standards of Castrol Magnatec Professional, a
      microfiltration system has been introduced into the manufacturing process and production quality is ensured by a new
      means of optical particle measurement (OPMS: Optical Particle Measurement System).