Penrite Gear Oil 80W-90 1 Litre

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Gear Oil 80W-90 is a premium mineral automotive gear oil manufactured with modern extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers, meeting the requirements of API GL-5/6 and MT-1, as well as many other manufacturer specifications. It contains the correct dosage of limslip additive eliminating the need for a additional product when used in limited slip differentials. Coloured Blue for easy identification.

BASE OIL Mineral VISCOSITY 80W-90 CAN BE USED WHERE THE FOLLOWING SAE VISCOSITIES ARE RECOMMENDED SAE 90 85W-90 ADDITIONAL PRODUCT INFORMATION Click here to view Gear Oil flyer APPLICATION Gear Oil 80W-90 is designed for use in differentials, both hypoid and limited slip, manual gearboxes, transfer cases and transaxles in passenger cars, light commercials, 4WDs, trucks, construction, earthmoving and agricultural equipment, where this viscosity grade is required. Gear Oil 80W-90 provides a superior level of protection in heavy duty conditions including shock loads, preventing wear and maintaining the life of critical parts. The multi-purpose formulation allows greater flexibility while minimising inventory levels, especially for differential applications. Gear Oil 80W-90 can also be used in motorcycle drives, where such a grade is recommended and can also be used in 4-wheeler front differentials. API GL-5/GL-6/MT-1/PG-2 MACK GO-J Ford M2C105-A /197-A Ford M2C1013-A/104-A GM HN 1181/1187/1386/1561

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