Millers Oils Pistoneeze Classic 50 Monograde Mineral Engine Oil - 5 Litres

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1 l = £4.15

1 l = £4.15

Millers Oils Classic Pistoneeze 50 Monograde Mineral Engine Oil is a moderate detergent monograde mineral engine oil. It is specifically engineered for classic cars and is also suitable in vintage cars incorporating a modern filtration system. It is formulated with ZDDP (zinc/phosphorus).

Classic Pistoneeze 50 is suited to vintage vehicles where a monograde is required and the owner is confident that there is no dirt and debris collected in the crankcase.Also ideal for later vehicles built with superior oil filtration systems which were designed to run on monograde oils with detergent and dispersant additives.Millers Oils Classic Pistoneeze 50 Monograde Mineral Engine Oil gives good oil control and no loss of viscosity due to shear. Provides the level of wear protection and antioxidant protection required in classic vehicles.

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